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Clarksville pediatric dentist at Dr. Brannen & Dr. YarboughHealthy dental habits start in childhood. Dr. Jay Yarbrough, Dr. James Brannen, and our team welcome the opportunity to work with you to help your child understand the importance of optimal dental health.

At Volunteer Dental, your child will enjoy our warm and friendly atmosphere and a positive experience to get them started on the right track to a healthy smile. We are committed to providing gentle and comprehensive dental care that helps children feel comfortable and confident when visiting us for treatment. We call their first pediatric appointment, "A Happy Visit," where you can accompany them as they see what going to the dentist is all about. Call our Clarksville, Montgomery County office today to schedule your child's dental appointment!


The Importance of Child-Friendly Dental Care

clarksville child-friendly dentistEarly prevention is the key focus of our pediatric dental care. By combining education and child-friendly communication, we encourage proper oral hygiene habits at a young age. Consistent treatment also helps set a standard that your child can maintain with confidence as they become more independent. We understand how oral health and overall health connect, so we take the time to help you and your child maintain both.

We see children as young as five or six years of age for their routine pediatric dental cleaning and examination. Consistently scheduling your child's oral health visit allows us to monitor their development and identify any potential issues early. We focus our pediatric services on:

Oral Health Education: Drs. Yarbrough and Brannen take the time to help you and your child understand the actual value of a consistent oral health routine at home. We demonstrate correct and fun ways to take care of their teeth at home and advise you on maintaining that enthusiasm.

Prevention and Cavity Control: We work with you to develop creative suggestions for snacks and drinks to protect against decay. We also provide fluoride and sealant treatments for children in need of current cavity control.

Monitoring of Smile Development: As children grow, it is vital to monitor the development of their teeth. If any orthodontic treatment is needed, it is always a good idea to start earlier rather than later.

Helpful Hints to Support You Child's Oral Health at Every Age

As a parent, we know you want to do everything you can to ensure your child's smile remains healthy, from birth through their teenage years. Here are some helpful tips recommended by Dr. Yarbrough, Dr. Brannen, and our team.

From Infants to Toddlers

first dental visit for infants and toddlersFor newborns, wipe the gums with a wet, clean cloth to keep their smile healthy. For children younger than three, use an amount of toothpaste about the size of a rice grain.

For children age three or a little older, use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste and help your child gently brush their new baby teeth.

At this age, children love to mimic the habits of their parents. Help your young one develop healthy oral health habits early on by brushing your teeth with them. You can assist with brushing and flossing until your child is mature enough to independently maintain their oral health.

From Little Kids to Big Kids

dental care for young children in clarksvilleBecause your child's teeth are still developing, they are more vulnerable to decay and cavities. Along with staying diligent about their biannual dental visits, you can significantly help your child's smile at home by instilling a healthy, nutritious diet and limiting sugary snacks and soft drinks.

You can also help keep them interested in their oral health by coming up with games and rewards for properly taking care of their teeth. Letting them pick out their toothbrush and toothpaste at the store is an excellent way to encourage independence and enthusiasm.

Making at-home oral hygiene fun and exciting helps to instill long-lasting confidence. It reduces dental anxiety and gives your child a chance at a healthy, beautiful smile well into adulthood.

From Teens to Young Adults

clarksville dentist for teenagers and young adultsCavities don’t only happen to young children. Teens are very likely to develop cavities because of poor nutritional habits and sporadic hygiene. When your teen eats sugary foods or drinks soda, juice, or energy drinks, they're at risk for tooth decay and gum disease. To keep your teen’s teeth healthy, make sure they brush twice a day and floss daily.

Today's teens are becoming much more aware of their appearance and potential body odors and bad breath. Ensuring they brush their teeth twice and day for at least two minutes each time and floss once a day helps to keep their breath fresh. Regular dental checkups and cleanings also promote fresh breath!

Teens should also stay away from tobacco products that can increase their risk for gum disease, oral cancer, and not to mention bad breath! If they play sports or participate in any highly physical activities, make sure they wear a mouth guard for extra protection.

Although it may look cool, think twice before letting your teen pierce their lips, tongue, or any part of their mouth. Tongue piercings can result in chipped teeth, nerve and gum damage, and even infections from contaminated materials.

If your teen feels less-than-satisfied with their smile, they may benefit from cosmetic dental treatments such as teeth whitening. When they are proud of their smile, teenagers are motivated to brush, floss, and continue to take care of their teeth.

Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry in Clarksville

Our friendly dentists, Dr. Jay Yarbrough and Dr. James Brannen, offer a wide variety of preventive and restorative services personalized to address the needs of young, developing smiles. If you are looking for skilled, compassionate, and comprehensive pediatric dentistry in Clarksville, contact Volunteer Dental today!



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